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Stop Suicide

I wish I could stop suicide. I wish no one else would have to deal with the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. I can wish all I want, but nothing will change without action. That is why the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is one of my favorite organizations. It takes action everyday to help eliminate suicide through raising awareness, providing education, and helping to prevent suicide.

My participation with AFSP has grown over the years. I've started as a participant at an Out of the Darkness Walk and raised money to help the cause. Later, I formed a team and brought others along with me to raise a little more money for the walk. One year, I volunteered at the walk and helped people find the resources they were looking for. This year, I am doing a little more. I have a team for Love Never Ends to help raise money for the walk, and I decided to have Love Never Ends become a sponsor of the walk. The Out of the Darkness Walks are the biggest fundraiser of the year, and I felt I could help more by being a sponsor.

This is one of the ways I have found meaning in Mark's death; by helping to raise awareness to the signs of suicide, and hopefully, save lives. Have you been able to find meaning in your child's loss? That is difficult to do, but if, and when you do, you will find some peace. Serving and helping others in memory of your child is a great place to look for meaning.

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