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Love Never Ends Ministry offers workshops and seminars based on the book Gracious Grief After Suicide Loss by our founder, Kevin Skellett.  The video tells a sample story used in the training. Workshops and seminars are offered in person and online.


Look on the Calender page for scheduled online workshops and seminars.  If you want more information on scheduling a workshop or seminar for your church or organization, click the Get Information button below.

Being Thankful in Grief

God knows your loss and grief. He knows your struggles and wants to help and guide you in your grief journey. You can feel God’s love for you in your grief. 


The Gracious Grief Workshop is designed to show you how God can work in you to comfort and heal your grief, as he has done for others. This introductory workshop includes activities to help you move forward in your grief.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Help you include God in your grief journey

  • Help you take steps to move forward and learn to carry your grief

  • Help you overcome obstacles and not get stuck in your grief

God knows the loss you are enduring and the plans he has for you. He wants to help you follow his plan, help you carry your grief, and become the person he created you to be. You can feel God's love as he guides you in his will. 


The Gracious Grief Webinar is designed to take you deeper into God's pathway to help you learn to carry your grief. This advanced webinar includes topics and activities to help those who have grieved a month or more and are ready to experience the richness of God's love as you discover who you were made to be.


Seminar Objectives:

  • Help you endure grief's pain to function in the here and now.

  • Help you forgive yourself and others.

  • Help you discover God's plan for your life.

  • Help you explore your loss and grief to bring new meaning to your life.

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