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Get Your Copy of the Award-Winning Book, Gracious Grief After Suicide Loss!

If sorrow and sadness and the question at a time like this is why, this author, whom I’m sure has asked those questions and more, has given us a compelling story of grief that his family suffered with the death of his son. In this work, he shows us paths that will give us healing and perhaps some form of understanding, though sometimes there is no answer. He stresses that faith and compassion go hand and hand in the grieving process and are the fundamental tools to the road of recovery. Though recovery may not be the proper word to use here, recovery is just what one needs to do. Recovery from the shock, the grief, and maybe even to recover one’s faith again. It’s an interesting book that is worth reading and worth 5 stars.

- Nonfiction Authors Association Review


Drawing from the timeless wisdom of Bible stories and his own heart-wrenching journey following the loss of his youngest son, Mark, to suicide, Kevin Skellett shares a message of profound encouragement and unwavering faith in Gracious Grief after Suicide Loss: Feel God's Love after the Worst Day of Your Life. On the day of his son's tragic passing, he heard a divine whisper, 'My son died too. I know exactly how you feel.' From that moment, God has been a constant companion on his journey through grief.


In this book, you will learn:

  • How to cope with unexpected loss.

  • How to include God in your grief journey.

  • Learn to endure your loss.

  • How to find meaning in your loss.

  • Learn to embrace the power of forgiveness.

The perfect companion to Gracious Grief after Suicide Loss! Dig deeper into your own healing with Bible verses from the book along with additional passages focused on helping your grief. Gracious Grief after Suicide Loss: Your 28-Day Devotional is designed to help you systematically work through your grief by applying God's Word to your specific situation. This FREE devotional encourages you to reflect, think, pray, and journal your thoughts as you read scripture that focuses on:

  • God's tears.

  • God's promises.

  • God's love.

  • God's will.



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