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Happy Birthday Mark!

Today was a day like most May 4th’s. I tend to dread them, knowing the emotions of the day would be coming as I remember happier birthday’s long past, and wishing Mark was still here. I began the day in prayer, as I do most days, and thanked God for the time I had with Mark. Then I got a wink back from God. I am reading a Bible plan that has me reading through the Bible in six months. Today the plan had me starting the book of Mark. Amazing! Thank you again, Lord!

Then I started seeing “May the Fourth be with you!” Mark shared his birthday with Star Wars Day, but Mark was a Star Trek fan. The irony! As I moved through the day, I was thinking about a post for Facebook. I finally decided to create my Love Never Ends team for the AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk in October and raise money for suicide prevention for Mark’s birthday. I ended up raising half my goal in four hours! I will be upping my goal and adding team members to the team over the next several weeks. Raising awareness of the signs of suicide and helping to prevent suicide gives meaning to Mark’s death. Finding meaning has been one of the keys to my mental health and grief recovery. Where have you or could you find meaning in your child’s loss?

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Thinking of you, Kevin! Milestones are hard.

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