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I have to apologize. It's been two weeks of silence from me. I think I hit a wall and something had to give. I don't know if it was Thanksgiving, or the stress we had in our home, or that I have been trying to help others with their grief for such a long time. Something got to be too much. Maybe you've experienced something similar. When things get to be too much, what do you do?

You certainly have many options, some good and some to be avoided. The ones to avoid are self-medicating with alcohol or drugs of any kind. These just prolong the situation, because nothing has changed to resolve it. Negative feelings and emotions should be contained, if possible. Anger, fear, anxiety all take a toll on your mental and physical health. Isolation is another you probably should avoid. I isolate because I'm an introvert, and it feels good for a while. I probably isolated too long over the past two weeks.

Here are some things to do when everything around you gets to be too much. First, find time to relax. You need to take a time out for yourself. Read a book or do some writing or some other light activity that can take your mind off things and help you relax. Second, find someone to talk to about the situation. Get the stuff out of your mind that has caused you to hit this wall. Third, you could pray and ask God for His peace to fill you. I often find that praying and reading scripture is the best help.

I began writing this to help others when they go through what I went through over the last two weeks. I think it ended up being more of a personal therapy session, by helping me consciously put together a plan for myself. It's funny how that works. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

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