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Summer Breeze

The smell of fresh bloomed lavender in the air. The sound of waves crashing on the beach. The beauty of the summer sun kissing the horizon as it sets. The taste of a hamburger, hot off the grill. These are the sensations of summer, and they can help heal us from our grief.

Summer provides many opportunities to focus on getting out of the house and living. Sometimes that can be one of the hardest things for someone who is grieving, but it is also necessary. If you are isolating, or just feel like you want to stay at home and grieve, summer is a great time to take steps towards your healing. It takes time to heal and to rediscover yourself, but summer opportunities can help you take small steps to enter back into community with family, friends, and the general public.

Summer is a great time to practice taking these small steps. Maybe you can take a morning walk in your neighborhood. Perhaps you could attend a family cookout. How about taking a vacation, so you can get away for a while. Summer is a great time to begin to reconnect with people, and begin to discover more about who you are now. It is okay to have some fun. If you asked your son or daughter for advice on how you should be living, what would they say? I believe they would want you to learn to enjoy life once again. Why don't you begin on this beautiful summer day!

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