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I needed a safe place to talk about my grief, my feelings, my anger, my pain, and share the victories from my grief journey. Talking about my son, Mark, was critical to moving forward, and avoiding getting stuck in my grief. For me, a faith-based recovery program was the safe place to share my grief journey with others. Do you have a safe place to talk about your grief journey?

Having a safe place to talk about your grief is critical. Keeping all that emotion bottled up with no outlet will eventually turn into something unhealthy. There are support groups, grief centers, counselors, and trusted friends that can all provide a place to share your thoughts and get them out into the open. The ability to express these emotions usually brings relief and a sense of peace, especially during tough times. It also provides a sense of security knowing you have a safe place to go when you have bad days.

What if you don't have a safe place to talk about your grief? If you like group environments, look for grief support groups in your community, or grief counseling centers that provide group sessions. If you prefer a more personal conversation, look for counselors who specialize in grief. Counselors can help you work through your grief, especially for parents who have lost a child, which can be a more complicated form of grief. You can also seek the help of a pastor, another parent who has lost a child, or a close family member or friend to provide a safe place to talk through your grief.

I hope these suggestions help you to find your place to talk about your grief.

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