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If you are, click the Parent button to guide you to helpful resources.  If you

are a friend or family member of a parent who has lost a child, click the Friend 

button to guide you to helpful resources you can share with them.

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Welcome to Love Never Ends.  We are glad you're here, but we are also very sorry for the circumstances that brought you here.  Jay Neugeboren wrote in his book, An Orphan's Tale, "A child who loses his parents is called an orphan.  There is no word for a parent who loses a child.  That's how awful the loss is."  


My name is Kevin Skellett, and I am the founder of Love Never Ends.  I lost my youngest son, Mark, to suicide in 2011.  It is, by far, the most painful and difficult event of my life.  The first year was the worst, having to experience holidays and special days for the first time without Mark.  I had to battle isolation and anger, while trying to forgive myself and find new meaning in my life.  Maybe you can relate to some of what I've been through, or maybe you are just starting your grief journey and you don't want to believe what has happened.  


One of the best ways to deal with my emotions was to talk about them with someone I trusted, or even better, talk to another parent who understood losing a child.  They knew what I was going through and they could share their stories of how they were able to persevere and discover new meaning for their life.  This is what we are creating through Love Never Ends.

Love Never Ends is a community of parents who have lost children helping other parents who have lost children to find help and healing following one of life's most devastating experiences.  We have online classes, weekly online groups, and downloadable articles available to help you.  Click the Parent button on this page to be guided to helpful resources designed for you.  If you are a friend or family member of a parent who has lost a child, click the Friend button to guide you to helpful resources you can share with them.


We are also in the process of forming local peer support groups so you can meet with other parents and talk in person.  If you are looking for a way to help others, or give meaning to the loss of your child, Love Never Ends is currently looking for parents who would like to facilitate a peer support group in their community.  If this interests you, click the Facilitator button on this page to learn more about this opportunity.

Again, we are very sorry for your loss, but we are glad you've found Love Never Ends, a place of help and healing for grieving parents.

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Love Never Ends is a ministry that helps grieving parents find healing from their loss through local peer support groups and online resources.


Participants have found that being able to talk to other parents who have lost a child is the most helpful part of Love Never Ends.  They discover that they are not alone in their suffering, and that others have survived and found meaning in their loss.  We are currently forming new peer support groups around the country.  If you want more information on starting a group, click the Facilitator button below.

Love Never Ends also provides online resources and classes to help you work through your pain and find help and healing.  You can access all resources by clicking the Resources button below.  If you would like to help Love Never Ends to reach and help more grieving parents, you can give to Love Never Ends by clicking the Donate button below.

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