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If YOU are looking for HOPE in your grief and loss, YOU are on the right site.

Welcome to Love Never Ends.  We are glad you're here, but we are also very sorry for the circumstances that brought you here.  

My name is Kevin Skellett, and I am the founder of Love Never Ends.  I lost my youngest son, Mark, to suicide in 2011.  It is, by far, the most painful and difficult event of my life.  The first year was the worst, having to experience holidays and special days for the first time without Mark.  I had to battle isolation and anger, while trying to forgive myself and find new meaning in my life.  Maybe you can relate to some of what I've been through, or maybe you are just starting your grief journey and you don't want to believe what has happened.  


One of the best ways to deal with my emotions was to talk about them with someone I trusted, or even better, talk to another person who understood grief and loss.  They knew what I was going through and they could share their stories of how they were able to persevere and discover new meaning for their life.  This is what Love Never Ends was created for.

Love Never Ends is a community for all who are experiencing grief or loss.  We have online and local community groups, online resources, workshops and seminars delivered virtually and in-person, and online coaching all available to help you in your grief.  Click your button of interest to be guided to helpful information for taking the next step. 

Again, we are very sorry for your loss, but we are glad you've found Love Never Ends, your hope in grief.

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